What to Watch, Read + Listen

What to Watch, Read + Listen

#6: Julia Meder on creating the life you want while living abroad

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What to Watch

Brené Brown's Netflix special as mentioned on episode 1

Ted Talks
Amy Cuddy "Your body language may shape who you are"
Julian Treasure "How to speak so people want to listen"
Robert Waldinger "What makes a good life"

Marie Forleo:

Marie TV Feeling Lost
How to find your special gift, even if you don’t think you have one

First Kiss

What to Read

Burnout by Emily Nagoski

How to get the love you want by Harville Hendrix

Money, a love story by Kate Northrup

Humans of New York

What to Listen

Mel Robbins on Audible
Work it out
Take control of your life

Joanna Penn
Books & Travel Podcast
If you like to write and self-publish, her other podcast is great as well.

Brooke Castillo
The Life Coach School

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